Meet changing consumer demands

United Techno’s retail portfolio empowers retailers to transform businesses, innovate and optimize processes to outperform competition, while easing operations by creating a customer responsive retail chain with a comprehensive suite of services.

Stay one step ahead

We take a consumer-centric approach to meet changing consumer demands, amidst increased competition and complex supply chains. We transform your business to stay one step ahead of your competitors by using our expertise in supporting and maintaining merchandising solutions : price optimization, category management, assortment planning, promotions, and marketing.

Retail is changing at blazing speed as consumers take center stage. Our experts help you work with ongoing trends of Mobile, Social Media that drive massive amounts of granular data about customers and products. We help you address Big Data and increasing opportunities in the Cloud.


Customer driven experience

Retail Integration

Digital Retail

Customer 360


Case Study

Retail IT - Merchandizing to Ecommerce

Merchandising systems, Assortment Planning, JDA Allocation, Size optimization, Island Pacific, AS400/ RPG Applications, High Jump, Manhattan PKMS, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Warehouse/ 3PL Integrations...

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