We help many of our Fortune 500 clients build amazing customer experiences, transform legacy business to digital, optimize supply chains, and increase the value of IT by implementing niche emerging technologies.



Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

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Life Sciences


Innovation in Retail

In the newly emerging digital landscape, retailers need to shift focus from their products to the customer experiences they provide, blending the physical and digital ecommerce worlds to offer distinct and personalized shopping experiences.

We implement innovative technologies to better understand the customer’s 360 profile, product assortments, supply chain optimization and pricing decisions.

Relevant technologies: Integration, Cloud, Digital, Data Analytics

Innovation in Life Sciences

Embracing digital transformation and innovative technologies is the need of the hour for any and Life sciences industry is no exception. Segments we serve include Regulatory Compliance, Clinical trial data transfer, Serialization – Track & Trace requirements and Computer system validation.

United Techno is a specialist in bridging the gap between legacy pharma data silos and enterprise wide cloud based solutions.

Relevant technologies: Integration, Cloud

Innovation in Logistics

Bringing digital transformation to the transportation and logistics industry through the modernization and integration of complex legacy systems, warehouse management, transportation management, etc.

We see great opportunities in deploying edge computing, data integration and data intelligence technologies to optimize the logistics business and we continue to innovate by working with many clients in this area.

Case Study

This solution integrates data from multiple sources within the client environment to provide a single point of reference for all customer, order, and product data in the retail ecosystem...

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