Data Engineering

Learn how data can open up endless possibilities and how to build a data-driven organization.

Data is the core need of an enterprise that aspires to be modern and customer centric. Using this strategic asset, we help many businesses to learn and understand their products, customers, supply chain and finances at a micro level.

Data integration is primary

Integrating systems and unleashing the data silos by way of application modernization is the primary step in building a data driven organization. We at United Techno specialize in these core areas of Integration & Application Modernization. More than 100+ data integration projects have been executed successfully across the globe.

Collecting the right data by way of deploying relevant tools and processes in the IT landscape is very important in building data intelligence and analytical systems. We have a strong understanding of data in Retail, Lifesciences and Supply chain business processes enabling us to dig deeper and correlate meaningful insights from the data treasure.

Data Cloud

Data intelligence provides areas of opportunity and delivers personal insights that solve complex business problems and drive innovation. At United Techno, we’re helping businesses engage and interact more effectively with their customers, with insightful, personalized user interactions that drive loyalty, revenue and growth.

We’re helping our clients create integrated data landscape, building user data insights to both engage and influence their customers. Deriving data insights requires a strong business knowledge and United Techno is in a strong position to recommend solutions and techniques employing the emerging trends in AI and Machine Learning.

Service Offerings

Customer Analytics & Intelligence

Supply Chain Intelligence

Product Intelligence

Service Intelligence

Data visualization

Case Study

Building Customer360 data mart using Azure

Client is a cosmetic retailer with lot of emphasize in ecommerce. Client is actively implementing customer360 initiatives around customer data...

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