Case Study

Client : OnSolve

TECHNOLOGY / Applications

ServiceNow, Dell Boomi, JIRA

Client Details

Integration for ServiceNow and JIRA was for client called OnSolve.

OnSolve is the global market leader in software-based communication and collaboration tools, capable of delivering multimodal critical notifications and alerts in emergency situations that threaten public safety, or to support business continuity and employee safety initiatives.

Project Details Or Problem Statement

Integration between ServiceNow and JIRA was required for:

  • Sync select Case and Problem records to Jira Tickets
  • Mid-Server configuration to send attachments to Jira as part of the SN-to-Jira sync
  • Provide visibility in ServiceNow of the correlated activity in Jira (status changes, comments)

Technology or Business Solution provided by United Techno

  • United Techno uses Dell Boomi as a middleware to integrate applications.
  • Using Dell Boomi, integration with ServiceNow and JIRA was faster, since Dell Boomi has pre-built connectors for both – ServiceNow and JIRA.
  • Using ServiceNow and JIRA connectors, real-time and bi-directional data updates between both the systems was accomplished.
  • Using HTTP client connector, integration of attachments between both the systems were accomplished.
  • In order to keep the data secured, while exchange of data between both the systems, data Encode/Decode functions are used.
  • Boomi has pre-built Encoding/Decoding functions which help faster integration.

What is the value addition or benefit realized by client

  • Quicker integration of applications.
  • Accelerated business processes with real time data.
  • Security layer for data exchange between the systems.
  • Minimized manual work which in-turn reduces the risk of error.