Case Study

Legacy AS400 Application Modernization

TECHNOLOGY / Applications

  • AS400 – RPG, CL, DDS, SQL procedures
  • X- Analysis
  • Implementer
  • System i Navigator
  • IBM Rational developer
  • ASNA web browser to access the AS400 system instead Emulator
  • HTTPREQ – process HTTP request
  • SSRS (SQL server Reporting services)
  • .Net
  • Teamcity
  • IBM Websphere

Client Details

Client is a travel & hospitality company.

Project Details Or Problem Statement

Reservation Management System – Invoice generation process
For Invoice generation process, our client was using

  • Core data in iSeries database.
  • Data formatting logic in iSeries programs.
  • Invoice generation logic in Delphi.

Problems / Impact:

  • Changes in the formatting logic requires changes in iSeries programs and changes in Delphi programs. This was a challenge while trying to achieve a quick turnover for the changes required in the invoices.

Customer master data Maintenance
Modernization of Green Screen to Web UI

Technology or Business Solution provided by United Techno

Reservation Management System – Invoice generation process

Replaced the formatting logic in iSeries and the logic in Delphi by SSRS (SQL server Reporting services) to confine the changes to one system which can result in a quicker turnaround for invoice changes in the future.

  • Flexibility & Easy Maintenance in SSRS - Quickly implement standard formatting changes like layout, field label changes, font type, font size, etc. as it does not require changes in RPG programs thereby saving lot of development & testing effort.
  • SSRS Better Integration will help for future AS400 modernization efforts and transitioning to Web based systems.
  • X- Analysis – Tool used to identify the list of tables / program / procedures and converted DDS to DDL table for performance and flexibility.
  • Replaced RPG program logic by creating SQL stored procedures.
  • SQL indexes created for better performance.
  • Generated XML document in SQL stored procedures and passed along to SSRS for Invoice report generation.
  • SSRS calling stored procedure to get the data and populate the report layout.
  • Created SQL functions to manipulate data for the invoice report.

Customer master data Maintenance - Modernization of Green Screen to Web UI

  • Split the business logic into User interface logic and database logic.
  • Build the web UI replicating the Green screen using .net framework.
  • RPG program logic replaced by creating SQL stored procedures.
  • Integrating web services with As400 using Teamcity.
  • Generate XML document in RPG programs and manipulated the XML document in SQL stored procedures.
  • Manipulated XML doc from web services in SQL stored procedure and pass the manipulated values to AS400 to store data and vice versa.
  • SQL indexes created for better performance.
  • System INavigator – Tool used to Debug SQL stored procedures and to check the performance related queries.

What is the value addition or benefit realized by client

  • Build stored procedures to reuse Business logic by other programs and applications and avoid dual Maintenance in case of same business logic used in different interfaces.
  • DDS to DDL conversion improves performance, Flexibility and Data integrity.
  • Launch Web URL from AS400 - HTTPREQ – process HTTP request.
  • Implemented more automated process and minimize the use of manual agent process thus result in cost reduction.
  • Calling stored procedures directly from UI Application or creating web services to access the procedures.

Other value addition

  • Integrating Rightrez (Amadeus air ticketing system replaced) with AS400.