Case Study

Testing Automation & RPA - Case Study

TECHNOLOGY/ Applications

  • Selenium with Java (Maven Project),
  • Selenium with C# and BDD (Specflow),
  • Data- Driven Hybrid Framework with POM
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Framework with POM
  • Git and Bitbucket for code base,
  • Teamcity and Jenkins Server for Continuous Integration,
  • Project Management Tools like,
        o TFS (Team Foundation Server)
        o JIRA
        o Azure DevOps
        o HP-ALM
  • Robotic Process Automation using UIPath Studio

Client Details


  • Travel and Retail.
  • Ecommerce Online Retail – Cosmetics, Electronic Goods and Brand Promotions.

Project Details Or Problem Statement

Develop automation testing regression suites and smoke test suites that can be scheduled to run anytime based on the requirements, should get triggered by code changes and also should be useful for Production testing during sprint release.

Technology or Business Solution provided by United Techno

  • United Techno automated over 1000 test cases in the regression suite, 40 for the production smoke, 110 for the web analytics and around 100 scripts for PROD monitoring in the past year.
  • United Techno automated the Customer support platform that includes querying the customer information from database and contacting the customer through a dialing System.
  • United Techno has build automation testing for Production site Monitoring, Web Analytics testing, Smoke testing, Regression suite for website, Regression suite for Genesys (Contact Centre Solutions) and others.

What is the value addition or benefit realized by client

  • Project Migration from TFS (Team Foundation Server) to Azure DevOps.
  • Version Migration for Specflow, Selenium and other dependencies.
  • In-Sprint Automation as a POC with successful continuity of the same in parallel to developing a regression suite.
  • Genesys automation which involves automating windows based customer support applications.
  • Less Production Defect Leakage achieved continuously for 2 years with 97 percent accuracy.
  • Cross browser testing across Edge, Chrome & Safari and cross platform testing across Windows and Mac.
  • Project Integration in team city server for continuous integration purposes.
  • Have automated a System integration involving multiple systems
        o Salesforce – Order management system
        o Netsuite – ERP
        o Diwebb - Retail order management system
        o Boomi – Cloud integration system
  • Dell Boomi automation as a POC using Robotic Process Automation (UIPath).