Case Study

Legacy Modernization & Enabling Digital Success

TECHNOLOGY / applications

Rocket LegaSuite, AS400/RPG Legacy Applications.

Client Details

Client is a largest wholesale distributor.

Project Details Or Problem Statement

Green-screen applications weren’t designed with today’s users in mind. Whereas green-screen applications use rigidly organized, text-based panels which results significant training time required for the users to understand and use the system.

Replacing green-screen applications can take months or even years, and the costs can be prohibitive. Replacement can also lead to significant business interruption, which could further impact bottom line.

Legacy app rewriting is likely to require additional IT resources with skills in the modern languages, technology, and coding required to meet the demands of modern business. A legacy application rewrite is expensive on so many levels (infrastructure, resources, time, effort, and spend) and is not guaranteed to lower costs over the long term.

It’s no wonder that organizations are reluctant to make a change, even when better solutions are available.

Technology or Business Solution provided by United Techno

United Techno implemented Rocket LegaSuite Web’s development environment which provides powerful tools to create smooth, attractive user interfaces accessible from any modern browser, whether desktop or mobile. And all this can be achieved without rewriting a single line of code of existing green-screen application! LegaSuite can transform literally thousands of screens from green-screen applications into modern, web-based applications in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

LegaSuite Web solutions lead the pack in HTML5 and its related technologies allow organization to deploy applications that used to be deployable only as desktop software through web servers or cloud-based solutions and mimic modern app behaviors, including the ability to embed third-party apps, controls, and other content.

What is the value addition or benefit realized by client

  • Modernizing green-screen-based applications and extending those applications to web and mobile provides employees and customers the ability to access key order information with self-service convenience.
  • Training time and cost is significantly reduced for new and/or seasonal hires.
  • Current UIs make it easier to hire younger employees (who typically have never experienced a green screen) and get them up to speed quickly and improves productivity for the existing employees.
  • Provided fast, cost-effective modernization solution for the organization.
  • Eliminate the perception that applications are outdated.
  • Uncover new business value from existing enterprise applications.