Case Study

Migration of Sonic ESB to Dell Boomi & Solace middleware

TECHNOLOGY / Applications

Migration of SONIC ESB to Dell Boomi & Solace middleware.

Dell Boomi and Solace to replace Sonic ESB, which is obsoleted and no longer supported by its vendor.

Keywords – Dell Boomi, Solace, Sonic ESB, Dell Boomi with Banking.

Client Details

Client is a leading state-owned bank in the APAC region. Client has extensive global network with offices in Hong Kong, China, and major cities around the globe.

Project Details Or Problem Statement

The client uses Sonic ESB as its core message broker for integrations between its internal systems and external SWIFT messaging. However, Sonic has become obsoleted and no longer support, and required to migrate to a new system to maintain its statutory compliance. Other objectives for the new integration infrastructure are to support API and higher throughputs.

The challenges of this migration project include :
  1. Business continuity without interruption.
  2. Temporary integrations bridges between Sonic and the new integration infrastructure to support migration by phases.
  3. Perform reverse engineering due to lack of documentations on legacy Sonic integrations.
  4. High expectation in performance throughput.
  5. High security compliance and the use of cloud integration platform in a banking environment.

Technology or Business Solution provided by United Techno

The partnership between Dell Boomi and Solace provided the robust and high-performance integration system for the client. It has the benefits of Boomi’s low code and powerful integration platform, and Solace’s event driven and high thru put appliance middleware. A Boomi molecule with 2 nodes was used to provide high availability, and it can scale up by adding more nodes. Working closely with the Boomi Asia technical team, United Techno uses its Hong Kong and India offices to provide onsite training, installation and testing, and migration of around 85 Sonic processes in three phases. The on-site / off-site approach provides closed local customer contact in Hong Kong and leverage large pool of well-trained Boomi development resources from our global delivery center.

United Techno Hong Kong team effectively manages the project and overcome the challenges and completed the development and testing of phase 1 migration. It is currently working on phase 2, and the whole migration project is due to complete by end of 2020.

What is the value addition or benefit realized by client

With the new system, client will achieve the following values:
  1. Migration of all its internal and external integrations from a legacy system to an event driven, high throughput, and cloud based integration platform.
  2. The new system can be scaled to meet future business growth.
  3. Provide API management for new integration applications and design.
  4. Mitigate risks of an obsoleted system with most knowledge are kept by individuals instead of formal documentations.
  5. New enterprise messaging features such as high availability, disaster recovery, continuous upgrade, operation management functions and dashboard.