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Mentor Circles

Education Social, Collaboration, Sharing and Success

Global Knowledge base & Subject Matter Experts Network

  • Best Industry Experts, Tech Leads, Application Architects, Project Managers, Engineering Managers, Soft Skill experts will provide “real –world” industry exposure
  • Expert customized skill development in specific domain areas and technologies which are not offered in colleges
  • Collaboration with many Indian & Foreign Universities, Research labs and access to e-libraries and publications database

Collaboration & Networking

  • Students & Faculty Collaboration Inside and Outside college network
  • Better learning and collaboration experience for Faculty & Students
  • Single platform for collaboration between Colleges and Corporates.
  • Essential for Skill Gap Assessment and suitable training
  • Campus Recruitments for Talent Acquisition
  • Best platform for students to demonstrate their skills to the Corporate Recruiters and Higher education institutions

Job Skills & Gap Assessment

  • Analysis based on the skills demand and Student skills
  • Test and Certifications
  • Additional special training by third party vendors, corporates and Subject matter experts using the e-learning platform to excel in most needed skillsets
  • Bridging the gap between industry and academics
  • Exposing the job market to students very early in the college life
  • Closing the Technical & Soft skill gaps

Campus Hiring Solutions for Corporate

  • Best trained talent workforce available from Colleges
  • Reduces training cost and increases quality in the delivery
  • Work with colleges for new innovation research like the western world
  • Easy to train, develop and evaluate fresh graduates
  • Campus Recruitment could be performed ONLINE thru this Platform